Hey there, Ylanders! 

Being able to survive on a remote yland is not easy. What does make it easier and more fun is what you surround yourself with. But since you're starting with but a few resources around you, all there's left to do is craft everything you need! And Ylands has oh-so-many recipes to choose from! So many that one may actually get lost in the sea of items, blocks and decorations. Which is why we took your feedback and turned it into a whole new crafting system! 

The crafting system will now include two kinds of recipes: core recipes and optional recipes. Core recipes will be learned by progressing through, what we call, a crafting tree. Optional recipes, on the other hand, will encourage Ylanders to travel and explore more because these recipes can only be found visiting random sites. All the recipes that you already know and use will not disappear, so you don't need to worry about that! 

Another thing that will change based on your suggestions is the UI. In the new and improved version of crafting, you will be able to see groups of items such as building elements, tools, weapons and so on. We hope that this will help with navigating the crafting menu and make for easier and faster crafting. To make the crafting menu navigation even easier, newly learned recipes will be highlighted so that you don't forget about them and try them right away! 

What you've been asking for and what 1.7 will also bring to Ylands' crafting is hotbar crafting. Any recipe that doesn't require a crafting station can now be crafted into the world straight from the hotbar. How great is this for building blocks! 

That's all for today and we will continue bringing news about all the fun things coming to Ylands with the 1.7 update! 

Till next week! Stay classy, Ylanders!