Hi guys. As you have probably noticed, in recent update (0.6 - Countless colors) we made some changes to crafting recipes and workstations. Lot of you are confused why certain workstations are not working any more, why some recipes are no longer available and why some workstations require new items. I am going to explain all the changes and the motivation behind this overhaul without going too specific, so I will not rob you of chance figure it out yourself   As you all know, Ylands is about crafting items. Most of the items unlock recipes for new items, which unlock more new items, thus advancing the player trough the game to ultimate prosperity and happiness  -  lets call this concept "tech tree". After extensive analysis of current tech tree, we came to few conclusions. Removed workstations First, we found out there are workstations which are either too over specialized, have only handful of recipes or could be merged together. So if possible, we removed those and reintegrate their recipes in already existing workstations. This is the case of Glass forming stand, which was removed and all its recipes moved to Charcoal kiln, which is now named just Kiln. By this we made Kiln an important workstation crucial for your development trough all the game. Also by looking at Woodworking bench and Stonemason stand, we found out that there are wooden/stone building block crafted on these stations and few not requiring them at all. We decided to unify this disparity by simply removing those workstations from game. This will also speed up the production of building blocks, because now you will not have to wait 60s for them to finish at the station. On other hand, we took pottery and clay blocks and assigned them to require Kiln, because we found it more realistic and logical. New workstations and items Second, we found out that there is a inequality in a way how new recipes get unlocked - at certain point most of advanced recipes become unlocked at once, rendering lot of items useless. This was caused by fact, that Foundry was unlocked at the same time as Blacksmith station, thus making medieval weapons, flintlock firearms and advanced firearms available at same time. In this situation the only barrier to obtain these weapons was resource cost (iron) and availability of saltpeter and sulfur (for gun powder). To address this problem, we have introduced new basic resource and several new items required to craft advanced workstations. By this we ensured that new workstations (and tiers) are getting unlocked one after another. These special items (we call them components) usually need some extra materials obtainable trough additional exploration. Prime example of this are newly introduced rubber items (drive belt and tires). Rubber can be harvested only from rubber trees, which are present on tropical islands, so if you find yourself in temperate area, some seafaring is required. Also we have dropped steel ingots and have replaced them with various steel parts, whose can be assembled in to more advanced items on corresponding workstation, but that is something for you to figure out