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  1. Rudy.cz

    [YLD-27407] change speed/time for animators

    Change speed/time - we will try to look at that Animated - you can use entity templates for this Assign animator - you can use "Set Animator" instruction Here is small example
  2. You can create "empty" array by using Set Length instruction. This will add new "Undefined" cells to the array. If you want to fill the array with your own "default" values (i.e NONE) you can use the Fill instruction.
  3. Rudy.cz

    Enable/Disable drops

    We will look in to this. At this moment it is possible to create a custom drop via Event Listener - On Kill.
  4. Fix is under way and almost ready, but unfortunately it didn't make it in to 1.4. We will try to squeeze it to 1.4.5 or in worst case in 1.5.
  5. This is already possible. We have added "Default actions" tab to Custom Controls, disable "Player - Directional movement". You can do it also from script using "Set default key action" instruction.
  6. Rudy.cz

    "For each item in array"

    Seems feasible. Maybe we will be able to squeeze it in 1.4
  7. Rudy.cz

    Update 1.3: Watery Water

    Everything what was possible with old terrain tools is still doable, but there now more control over how it is done, so It can take some time to familiarize with new options. As for flatten, try checking the "snap angles" checkbox, which will allow you to use it as you were used to And we are not done improving yet, so expect more new tools
  8. Rudy.cz

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Jde ho stále zapnout příkazem /dui napsaném do chatu
  9. Rudy.cz

    New version should have the same GUID?

    Unfortunately Local game change is not yet supported. In order to make the Game-set to work, all the games in have to be published on Workshop and the transition only work when playing on-line (players will be then sent to existing instance or new instance will be spawned) Another feature of game-set is that all the games in one Game-set can share same persistent storage. We are currently working on WIKI update the with explanatory article about this.
  10. Rudy.cz

    Import Array Points into Path Logic

    Unfortunately Path has to be pre-defined in editor. Re-defining the path on the fly from script would be too resource demanding and it will impact the performance significantly
  11. Unique stackable items never had this option in first place. Only default non-stackable items had. We will have look if it would be possible to set individual price for stackable items made unique.
  12. Yes, because is already unique (not stackable)
  13. Rudy.cz

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-19529] Workshop issue

    I suppose you have added Game Storage to your game and now you are trying to update it on Workshop. How did you create your Bohemia Account? Did you use your Steam account? Because if not, then they don't have to be actually connected and the Workshop thinks you are not the author. This is concerning old accounts but can be fixed manually.
  14. Rudy.cz

    UI Tools Suggestions

    - We have logged these issues and we will see if we can squeeze them in to 0.15 - Widget ID filtering works when you are scripting inside corresponding UI Layout -> widgets of that layout are put first. However outside of that game logic we cannot ensure this, because of technical limitations ? - Actually widget IDs are just numbers so it should work - Text sizes are pre-defined and hard-coded in the game, because for each size there is a different font atlas (practically its different font, it just looks same). Having more fonts sizes would increase game memory load. Benefit of predefined sizes is that custom UIs will look more unified, it will scale properly on all resolutions and there will be ensured readability on any device. - Both already logged as bug
  15. Rudy.cz

    UI Set Parent - Shortcut Suggestion

    Good suggestion. We will be also adding drag and drop to UI Editor in 0.15 so stay tuned