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  1. Unique stackable items never had this option in first place. Only default non-stackable items had. We will have look if it would be possible to set individual price for stackable items made unique.
  2. Yes, because is already unique (not stackable)
  3. Rudy.cz

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-19529] Workshop issue

    I suppose you have added Game Storage to your game and now you are trying to update it on Workshop. How did you create your Bohemia Account? Did you use your Steam account? Because if not, then they don't have to be actually connected and the Workshop thinks you are not the author. This is concerning old accounts but can be fixed manually.
  4. Rudy.cz

    UI Tools Suggestions

    - We have logged these issues and we will see if we can squeeze them in to 0.15 - Widget ID filtering works when you are scripting inside corresponding UI Layout -> widgets of that layout are put first. However outside of that game logic we cannot ensure this, because of technical limitations 😕 - Actually widget IDs are just numbers so it should work - Text sizes are pre-defined and hard-coded in the game, because for each size there is a different font atlas (practically its different font, it just looks same). Having more fonts sizes would increase game memory load. Benefit of predefined sizes is that custom UIs will look more unified, it will scale properly on all resolutions and there will be ensured readability on any device. - Both already logged as bug
  5. Rudy.cz

    UI Set Parent - Shortcut Suggestion

    Good suggestion. We will be also adding drag and drop to UI Editor in 0.15 so stay tuned
  6. Rudy.cz

    Interview Ynterview #5 - Rudolf

    Well that would make quite a list (Discogs shows over 500 items 😄 ), because I am not collecting anything particular just music that I stumble upon and like and is "mixable" in to DJ sets. I have listened to some of Solar Fields, and it very good ambient / chill out, I like it
  7. Could you please start a new thread in "Editor technical issues" subforum, so that we can add it to issue tracker as separate entry. Thank you
  8. The issue here is that "target object" in this case returns the picked object when already in inventory. We will adress this issue in 0.13 by separating this event in two: On Pick Start -> event when item is being picked but not yet moved to inventory -> target object = object on ground On Pick End -> event when item is picked and put in inventory -> target object = item added to inventory (new item or increased stack) Current "On Pick" event will be renamed to "On Pick End", so for people not concerned with this issue nothing will change
  9. Rudy.cz

    What is on create?

    All objects are spawned regardless of being loaded or not. Loading a chunk just "shows them" - there is no event connected to that.
  10. Rudy.cz

    Welding suggestions

    Most of the items can be welded, if they are set as "unpickable". There are few instances (plants, trees, signs, containers) which cannot be welded due technical limitations - they are ether animated or have some kind of interaction. In next update it will be possible to turn off collisions for welded items, you can then add impassable barrier to create custom collider.
  11. Rudy.cz

    Equiping to hotbar

    So we have fixed "Equip" behavior - it will work in same manner as equip button in inventory -> item is added to 0 slot and this slot is set as active. Later we will add instructions allowing to lock slots, so then you will be able to control what is player actually wielding.
  12. Rudy.cz

    Equiping to hotbar

    Unfortunately this version is very packed, but this matter concerns me as well - adding to hotbar became quite inconsistent at this moment and "Equip" instruction does not assure correct hotbar behaviour either. I will try to enforce some priority to it
  13. Try to change SessionDatatype to ""YlandFile" " - "YlandFile" - Path to a savegame to host. Absolute or relative to the config file. - "GameFile" - Path to a game (scenario) file from which a fresh savegame will be created and hosted. Path can be absolute or relative to the config file. - "TemplateFile" - Path to a template file from which a fresh savegame will be created and hosted. Path can be absolute or relative to the config file. - "BuiltIn" - Identifier of a built-in game type from which a fresh savegame will be created and hosted. "Explore" or "Creative" I would request Dedicated Server documentation to be updated
  14. Do you have corresponding .ysd file present at the server? When loading a savegame, then you need support data to correctly load the world.
  15. Rudy.cz

    New File Types and Editing Maps

    I am not sure how Nitrado servers work, but when setting up Dedicated server you put both files (.ygt, .ysd) to server instance root and modify "DsConfig.json" accordingly: "SessionDataType" : "TemplateFile", "SessionData" : "<filename>.ygt", Does this help? There is brief explanation of new file formats here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Game_export