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  1. Hello,

    I recently hosted a multiplayer game and had gotten pretty far on my yland.

    After building a ship and having someone else on the yland build one too, I sailed off to a new yland.

    Eventually I climbed the ladder of my ship but this time it transported me to the ladder of the other ship built by another player on the original yland. I sailed his ship back to my ship and tired again...same thing happened.

    Next I had the clever idea of destroying the ladder I was being transported to in order to fix the bug...it did not go as planned. This time, when I tried to climb the ladder of my ship I was transported to where the ladder of the other ship should have been and immediately fell through the earth and died, landing in a cave miles below with all my stuff.

    Is there any way to retrieve a past save point before all this happened so that I don't lose my things and can continue playing?

    Also, don't destroy the ladders....