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Found 2 results

  1. hello ... I created this game on the principle of micro games from my main game .. it is a very simple principle, at the beginning of the game you choose the goal either a randomly generated or a classic circle, then the chosen game mode is either a time trial or a game to the last block, and create ready .. goal selection and game mode is done according to choice, wins the most votes .. if the number of votes matches, it will be chosen randomly .. the game was created in two days, it's not complicated, mainly I wanted it to be functional and to be multiplayer .. I would like it to be possible to play on the phone, but I do not have much experience with the game on the phone, but I will devote a moment to it to work there as well ... I hope that the game will like it .. I plan to add a "high score" and a few design changes, but not much, because I have to go back to work on my main game. https://play.ylands.com/asset/8577
  2. I am trying to connect my iOS Ylands application to the same account I use on my PC. After entering my age, and u/p I need to enter my 2 factor Authentication details. Sometimes this works and then I’ve got a screen telling me it is synchronizing, but it hangs. Other times the 2FA isn’t working. So I am not able to connect the app to my account.