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I had an amazing idea for sandbox


Ok so ik this is like probably a bad idea... because you’ll probably have people pay to do this... but why not let people make custom biomes??? Like I don’t mean like multiple islands like the thing in explorer... I mean something every device can do. Because I know mobile can’t do explorer.,, or at least if they can it’s not showing up in all games... it will get boring in just 1 biome besides what if they want to take the creator cube off??? They will only get access to the stuff that is in that biome. Even animals. Also when in universal both pc and mobile should be able to use what pc and mobile can use. Or let them both use it? Also there is a bug the stone pickaxe tells people that terraforming isn’t allowed in this game or server or map or whatever... even if the player owns that server or map... also can you please add the option to spawn npcs??? Please?? They count as creatures technically... also can you add the option to terraform water? Please??? That would be so cool!!! Also can u add a submarine??? I wanna be able to explore under water! Also why add scuba gear and not a submarine? They go together. You don’t have to use my suggestions. But I think they are cool. Also can u use them for both mobile and pc? If you do use them?

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