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Suggested improvements for multiplayer


Firstly let me state that I haven't scoured the forums for if this has been suggested or not or if it has been addressed by the ylands development team.

Through the time I have played this, I have noticed some changes that need to be in effect for a successful release and subsequently longevity and (for you who are concerned about it) profit that the game can make resulting from improved sales upon implementation and release.

While multiplayer is fun, it has some serious flaws such as not having the option to have PVE in exploration. I personally do not enjoy being griefed/looted in exploration when I spend my time gathering resources to build these structures, and lets be honest, the protection barrier is something that would only be useful in a pure pvp setting and doesn't provide the prevention of death by player, I suggest having the option to have PVE in a servers launch settings. Include the ability to add custom mobs using both the steam workshop and your current content explorer so that if people want to add the undead (zombies, skeletons, wraiths, ghosts, ect ect.) for example they can, it gives the community the ability to have expanded game play while having no additional effort expended on your part, resulting in more sales.

Really need to have the option to befriend people so you don't end up accidentally killing someone you're working with while fighting enemies.

There is very little use for beds in multiplayer, other than keeping you from starving to death quicker, they offer no other bonus. I suggest making them a respawn point as that has been the norm in many other games in this same genre, also if possible make it where the night could be set to day if everyone sleeps.

Another point that I find needs to be settled is a goal. I suggest adding in a goal of some sort to exploration to give people a sense of achievement. Give the community a boss/npc pirates to fight. Give us randomly generated treasure maps that lead to buried treasure. Something to work towards that lets you feel like you accomplished something.

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