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  1. michaelac

    Can't place blocks on large ship.

    I have same problem.. I had NO trouble on the DAY I started building my large ship, but after logging off for the night and returning the NEXT day, I find that everything I try to place over what I build yesterday, just gives me an error message: "THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPACE" If I remove an entire column of blocks from my ship back down to the deck, I was then able to place blocks again, but once I get back to the level I was at before, I get the SAME error message. Its like I am playing two different versions of the same game. I don't need to send screen shots since McCalney sent the same ones I am getting. Now I know there is an awful work around, which is to click V and place them ALL individually by eyeing them one by one, but that is retarded and will take weeks to finish my boat. Can you PLEASE fix this! Also, using the E key to enter and exit construction mode doesn't seem to work anymore, so my ship stays in editing mode as well. I thought if I could exit and re-enter editing mode, that might fix the issue, but even that isn't working.
  2. michaelac

    Composition Downloading

    New to this site, and love the game and have made several buildings myself and was wondering, how do we share buildings with each other in Composition? I do not see any way to do so? Please help, love the work I have seen so far. =)