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    Dev Diary #52

    I hope this makes getting logs a bit easier insted of trying to click every single thing.
  2. alos cant seem to upload the .dump folder error.log output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Atlantians11

    error on launch wont launch

    Also i guess i should note i was able to play before the patch no problems
  4. Atlantians11


    While designing a ship i started to think how cool it would be to make a flying ship could be powered by sails or with propellers. Then i got to thinking about the disney movie up and how cool it would be to have a flying house. Just thought i would share my thought with everyone here. And maybe the devs might think about adding it to the explore game
  5. Atlantians11


    I love these and everyone elses design's so cool to see things you think about just like this everyone else is so good at designing thing i cant wait to see what this will turn into when the game has a sustainable mp.
  6. Atlantians11

    flying boat

    This was way more than i thought was possible in this game. awesome creations guys i'm going to experiment now.
  7. Atlantians11

    Abandoning NA 15 ..moving on..

    Man Im going to miss you guys I was wondering why the server was so quiet. It is quiet Boring being the only one there and I just finished my house. But I hope to see you all again.