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  1. D.Devil

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    We also have a gaming community mainly based off of Arma 3, another Bohemia game, we'd like to host our own server for those whom may be interested in testing how well this game will fit in our community. Hope to hear something soon! Thanks in advance, D.Devil
  2. D.Devil

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    How many players will the servers be able to support?
  3. D.Devil

    Drying Rack

    Ah okay, thank you!
  4. D.Devil

    Drying Rack

    Hi, I'm new to the game, just bought it yesterday and been struggling to craft a drying rack for my cotton to craft a sail for my ship. Now I (think..) crafted all the basic tools and weapons, I have unlocked the weaving loom and spinning wheel but for some reason I don't have the drying rack.. anyone willing to tell me what I need to craft first to unlock the drying rack? Thanks in advance.