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  1. Rabbit32

    Dev Diary #115

  2. Rabbit32

    Thank You Ylands

    I have not been in Ylands for a good few months and before I left the AI never worked on the second floor. Now they work!!! Thank you Ylands
  3. Rabbit32

    AI not working

    AI still not working inside building (Second floor) thought it would be fixed because there was a thing about the AI not working before
  4. So I am in the middle of making game and am trying to look for a buying script for my game so I Will give an example You have $500 and there is a door that costs 500 when you try to open it and you dont have the money it will stay locked but if u do have the money it will despawn the door and take away $500 am not sure if this is possible but if you can explain that would be good not a lot of tutorials online which is annoying but I am trying to get better at scripting thanks
  5. Rabbit32

    Need help with logic

    So I have a mini game am working on and I have a bit where I have a delay of 10 seconds then it spawns but the thing is when I repeat it, it just spawns in 10 of the items instead of repeating it one at a time
  6. Hello Ane I made a post what do u think off my post
  7. I am just wondering what makes you stick with Ylands? Too me I stay with Ylands because off the editor I really like the aspects of making games and I am just wondering do you stay with Ylands because The survival aspect The editor The servers playing with friends is awesome B) So what do you like about Ylands?
  8. So I have been playing in this server and for some reason I always glitch off my boat if I try do stuff on it even if its completely stopped and anchored I think they should try work on the boat so its easier to use online and I don't fall of or its says your to far from the chest! If this happens to you we need to make this trending so we can show the devs we like boats
  9. Rabbit32

    Server Bug when placing blocks

    I was playing in the P1 server but I asked them to restart and it was all good
  10. When I place blocks in one of the servers I go on it doesnt respond and I have to leave and join back to see the blocks but I still can't place and when crafting it doesnt let me craft and it just stays at 1 minute and am finding this very stressful to deal with as am trying to work on something but its not letting me.