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  1. P1Ed

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    The attention to detail is just breathtaking
  2. P1Ed


    As a huge fantasy fan myself I gotta say I love the looks of this project!
  3. P1Ed

    Two Suggestions

    Id love to see the resize tool working with items because it would allow us to create all sorts of awesome details. Being able to select a huge structure and make it unpickable without any restrictions because right now if there is even one item without the unpickable option you cant use it on the structure.
  4. Yeah it works if all the items have the option which isnt an issue for indestructible but when it comes to pickability it wont let you do it if you select both blocks and items. Would be cool if it ignored the blocks that dont have the option when selected and still make the rest unpickable.
  5. There used to be a feature to select multiple items and set them all to indestructible but now i cant seem to find a way to do it anymore. Is it possible to have that feature back and while at it I also wanted to suggest an option for making multiple selected items unpickable as well. I recently started creating a lot of assets and its very tedious making items unpickable and indestructible one by one, sometimes even impossible because of the hitboxes unless you remove already finished parts.