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  1. Hello fellow Ylanders, we recently started playing again via Sharegames and beside the issues with the ships and the rafts we have the problem that we cant really work with the inventory containers like the seed box etc. While browsing inside the container the interface will flip to the surrounding window and back. Often so fast that we dont have a chance so take seeds out of the box. The only solution is to set the box on the ground, take the seed out and take the box back to the inventory. I dont think it is intended to work like this Broken Tools & UI Also the suggestion to bring back the status from the tools (Worn, used, damaged, etc.) and repair option between perfect and broken Example: I want to craft planks *Craft all planks we can* - Saw breaks after 2x - Repair *craft some more planks* later i want so craft some pier- parts *craft all* - Saw breaks after 4x - Repair saw *craft all* - hammer breaks after 2x sometimes its a bit frustrating and i think if we could repair the tools before crafting or see the status/condition it would be easier to calculate und to craft a bunch of material without having to pause after 2 times to repair the stuff - Also atm the Crafting Interface "recently crafted" is kinda bugged. So after repairing you have to search your parts to craft again which adds some more frustration when you want to craft a lot of stuff a once. This brings me to my last Suggestions: 1. After repairing tools the repair-button disappears and the mouse is over the destroy-button.* So if ppl are a bit fast clicking the repair-button or are still used to have to repair multiple times, they destroy their tool with the second click. 2. Bring back Dismantle-button. when i have some pier plates left it would be cool to get at least some planks and maybe a nail or something back. while breaking stuff we get the lowest material back and thats ok bcs we break it. If my suggestion is crap bcs the part is already working as intended please tell me Greeting,