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  1. lisker

    Portal Knights

    It sounds very interesting! I will definitely try, thanks!
  2. lisker

    This guy...

    Just ignore that. I think we should ignore such things!
  3. lisker

    What other games do you play?

    Oh, in my free time I play this game iospace.games/castleglory as soon as I found it so constantly playing it, I advise. Looks like old, classic flash games!
  4. lisker

    DayZ survivors playing Ylands?

    Now in Dаyz very few players. So hardly anyone here plays it)
  5. lisker

    Portal Knights

    Could you tell us more about this? Worth the game?
  6. Hi, I would like to clarify, are you interested in completely new models, or will it be used? For example, I myself sit at the HP laptop, it is not new, I bought it much cheaper due to the fact that there was an almost imperceptible scratch on the screen. This is if you want to save. I advise any model of HP, but it is better not from Envi - they overheat greatly.