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  1. Hi! I love this game and am excited to see it grow! I have played 517 hours so far and plan to continue to play this great game! I do have a major problem with the game though. I am red/green colorblind. According to the Colour Blind Awareness website, "Colour (color) blindness (colour vision deficiency, or CVD) affects approximately 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women in the world." Most of these are "Red/Green" colorblind. You would think that with this number of people having this problem game graphic designers (not to mention all real-world applications) would design their graphics taking this into account, but NOPE! everyone continues to use the Red-Bad/Green-Good paradigm. I have attached a screen grab from a P1 YouTube demo video of the upcoming 0.12 changes. Some of these graphics can be gamekillers if you cannot see the intended color difference. Please consider changing the interface to something everyone can see!
  2. bojo2736, Thank You for responding so quickly!!! I never thought of that and it should work fine! I also posted this in case the developers recognize this bug and wanted my save game files. I've saved those off to another directory just in case. I am loving this game. There are items in it that I have wanted for years - like keys, the barrier, and coop multiplayer. We need more people to purchase this to support the developers.
  3. Yes! Sorry! I automagically said "Creator Cube" when I meant the personal force field generator thingie. Sorry about that!
  4. I had an single player Explorer game where I was doing extensive terrain modification of my home base inside the safety zone created by the Protective Barrier Generator. I started getting failure errors on terrain modification so I decided to save and exit the game to see if the errors went away. On reload of the game, I was back in my undies at my 1st game spawn spot. On returning to my base my creator cube did not recognize me and would not let me modify terrain and such as if I was a different character. I guess the game had a bug where it respawned and reidentified my character to the creator cube. I have been saving games off to a different directory so I have a save game from 3 days before and a current save. I overwrote the current save game with the previous one and sure enough the identification problem went away - but now of course I need to do a bunch of stuff over. I have the two save game files stored off safely if you would like to see them I can send them. Also I will look for a log file to see if it has anything interesting in it. I love this game and hope to see this stuff cleared up at the release! rte