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    How to download from workshop?

  2. Edwin-c54f672a82af8139

    Suggestion: Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs etc

    I suggest either new character models or toggles in your character customization to be able to make a skinny, fat, buff, tall etc. avatar, muscles included. (oh and face toggles to length + shorten; and colors of the rain for hair-styles and skin) Why? To add more character / npc customization options to the game. Imagine D&D story tellers making videos of their adventures using Ylands. (I can see that light bulb turn on over your head)
  3. Edwin-c54f672a82af8139

    Small Shed blueprint

    I don't know you bojo, but I love for your this. Thank you.
  4. Edwin-c54f672a82af8139

    Small Shed blueprint

    The Small Shed blueprint requires roughly 1,100+ in-game 'hay' (dried out grass/plants etc) i don't think it's possible to gather that many in-game 'hay'. I suggest making the Small Shed blueprint only require at most 300 'hay' in-game. Or is there a drying process in-game to speed up 'hay' farming?
  5. Edwin-c54f672a82af8139

    Dev Diary #109

    First I want to start off with Merry Christmas to the developers+Yland players who celebrate Christmas and to those who do not, Happy Holidays. (I won't dance around it and layman terms it right away.) I don't want to make money creating stuff for you guys. So I would like a new option in your store's servers tab. A $10 a month server for Exploration where the only thing that we the ($10) subscribers can do is edit the map via creator cube. I'm not interested in creating content to sell to other players while renting a server from you guys. I'm fine with the $20 tier a month for those who want to make money while renting said twenty dollar server.
  6. Edwin-c54f672a82af8139

    Is here any respawn system for ore?

    That's really good to know. The 'Public' explore server I play on doesn't have any clay around. The first 'player explorers' came in, mined everything and stopped playing on the server. There are no horses either. Some of the islands don't even have infected animals during the night or underground. I wish there was a time period where if the people haven't come back to the server that the current occupants can vote to reset the server.