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  1. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Reference Guide to Animation Looping

    Thank you for sharing this with the community
  2. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Workshop Compositions

    Oh thank you! yes that's worked..I hadn't spotted that!
  3. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Workshop Compositions

    I just created my first composition and wish to share it with other people on the ylands workshop. Has this been stopped since 1.0? I cannot upload a ycp and its not found in the compositions folder anyway.
  4. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Multiplayer issues

    It was just a sandbox type map set up as Universal (players from PC and mobile devices can play this scenario together in multiplayer) and it plays just fine on mobile as well as PC..but not together lol. But just noticed the editor default size of map is set at X4 Y3 Z4. I remember seeing somewhere that mobile maps can only be 3x3x3. Will try a quick test to see if this is the issue. No still doesn't work set map to 3x3x3 and same result..even just for just a flat map..with no entity's
  5. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Multiplayer issues

    Hi So I create a 'Universal' game for PC and Mobile and I launch it as multiplayer on the PC. When I try to invite somebody who is using a mobile, it tells them 'Incompatible Game Version'. Is this normal behaviour?
  6. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Visual Scripting - Introduction

    Yes I'm signed up to the P1 academy now ^^ thx
  7. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Visual Scripting - Introduction

    Thanks will do that.
  8. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Visual Scripting - Introduction

    Ah yes of course thanks...I must be patient...It doesn't look like we can open an unprotected game example in the editor anyway.
  9. Sarah-9f0c7b8d5e239d91

    Visual Scripting - Introduction

    Hi I love this game and want to learn how to script. I have done the above tutorial but when i go to see the further examples by the ylands team.. it says creation blocked..and indeed the games are locked Is this by accident or design?