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  1. arc_empire

    The Dreadful Wale

    Oh my god. This is incredible. That hull is blowing my mind! The whole ship is to be honest but DAMN that hull is amazing! Any chance of a close up of the holes in the front? I am so curious as to how you’ve done it lol
  2. arc_empire

    2nd ship

    so this is the 2nd ship i made. i wanted to make a vehicle transporter. worked "well" haha. Originally i had a few doors to try to keep it steady but the cars jump around a bit so i built a little garage at the back. worked pretty well. didnt get any of the interior though before i lost the save file anyways, check it out!
  3. arc_empire

    First Ship

    ive captured a blueprint of it but heaps of stuff is missing. its a bit hard to do the blueprints. once i get a good one ill figure out how to get it on there
  4. arc_empire

    Engines on catamarans.

    All good man. Is the nature of an awesome update keen to go find some zirconium!!! ?
  5. arc_empire

    Engines on catamarans.

    nevermind....just tried to open my world and one of the other players didnt upload thier last playthrough properly, so everythings gone. thanks for the quick respone anyways. ill try again on a fresh world.
  6. arc_empire

    Engines on catamarans.

    sorry but, any chance you could direct me as to where they are stored? it was multiplayer shared game. also i have a few is there any way i can differentiate between worlds?
  7. arc_empire

    Engines on catamarans.

    actually thinking about it, it could be because my game world is pre 1.0 release??.....dunno.
  8. arc_empire

    Engines on catamarans.

    hey, so i recently built the new catamaran base and tried building yladrium engines on it.....but they don't seem to work. anyone else having similar issues??
  9. arc_empire

    First Ship

    so this is the first ship i built in ylands must say i miss the fact you use to be able to roll up the sleeping mats, they made awesome window blinds. anyways. check it out