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    Adam Thank you for the quick reply
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    Explore Map Size

    Hello I hate to complain. I love this game since day one I started. So much that I payed for the full game. But that was before I realized that map is way to small not enough island not enough resources. When ever I join a map or start my own map it is very limited resources for Iron or copper. On top of that cause there is only 6-8 islands it is hard to enjoy the game for being a open sandbox. I don't play the Mini games and dont like them they are very limited and really no one is ever on. The other problem i have with this game is lack of Animals, farming, NPC, and mutated creatures and lack of different kinds of mutated creatures. Now i say all this not to put this game down. I have played 255Hours since i stated playing this game. I have make so many Small towns and Boats. I love the fact of crafting and exploring. Here is some photo of my town. I really hope you guys plan on expanding more with the exploration of this game instead of just mini games. Cause i know for a fact that if you only go for mini games I will just start looking for another game. then spend my time playing this game.