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  1. Horemvore

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    And I personly do not liks *** ****, **** *****, like you either. so *** ***. And btw I check these forumd every day since day 1 of EA and guess what NOONE IS VERY ACTIVE HERE. ** this game, Survival game its never going to be, Miss sold, uninstalled. BI added to blacklist.
  2. Horemvore

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Um the ones I found on Tier 1 were Green.... (Plain as day in the screenshot)
  3. Horemvore

    What are Yellow Sea Shells for?

    Red Pigments......
  4. Horemvore

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Fair enough, so if we now get really hard monsters on tier one islands (noticed the hardest muted bears on same island after reload) what is left for the other tiers? More of the same? Samey Samey gets boring real real fast. Or is it a simply that Tiers are now going to be a thing of the past like the old days? Btw I was hardly unprepared, full stone armor and axe, the best you can get before Iron, which you have to go to a Tier 1 or above island for and the reason I sailed to said island. Also if these uniques are common place what is the point of having a rare encounter in a cave? Kinda moot this, just wait till dark and you get to see/kill far more than a "unique rare encounter". TBH I am more disappointed that this supposed Rare was just out in the open and multiple of than anything else, it was one of the reasons I did a restart, to find its not rare at all and there will be zero effort involved to hunt/find said Rare is more than mildly disappointing. To actually Hunt/Track/Find/Kill this rare before its not actually Rare we have to do it within the first night away from the starter island, I just do not get the logic behind it one bit. Guess I should have done my PHD in Psychology and not Engineering.
  5. Horemvore

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Cool, shame this was not tested any. I just started a new Exploration game, travelled to the level 1 Island that is marked on the map. It was night by the time I got there and guess what I find, and Island full of Mutated Golems, I asume it was full of these, saw 3 from water and investigated much to my demise (2 hit death). Un amused tbh. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2033754179
  6. Horemvore

    Whoa now, Horsie! Easy there, fella.

    Feed him untill the Rename window pops up (its past friendly)
  7. Horemvore

    The next big step for Ylands

    Sorry to be the one to point this out but, that is why you should not have removed the option for us to host our own server.
  8. Horemvore

    [BUG] No Far East Bio, Yland

    I have had it happen on a 6 Yland map, this was first time on a 7.
  9. As the title says. Output Logs (Running game) https://www.dropbox.com/s/8aagp5fs9rjgzay/output_log_clean.rar?dl=1 Save File of said game https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywqlyts31s68gvw/DREAMY DEMONZONE.rar?dl=1
  10. Aggressive Wildlife - Hostile Animals are harder and do not warn of Attack. Passive Animals attack back if attacked. Extreme Weather - More Storms, Blizzards, Heatwaves and Fog. Colder nights. Aggressive Natives - NPC's are harder and do not warn of attack. Moon Phases - Moon has Phases, Full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 with varied levels of Lightness/Darkness. No Moon - Seed - Carried over from Open Play Length of Day - Integer in Minutes(10-100) Sixe of Islands - Carried over from Open Play. Player Health - Integer no. Hearts (2-5)