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  1. Paulus141

    Building cars ingame

    OK, thanks for advice.
  2. Paulus141

    Building cars ingame

    Hello, I wonder if there is any way to allow players to build their own cars in the game of the parts I will give them? This is a problem because vehicle's parts can't be grabbed by the players.
  3. Paulus141

    Counting killed players

    OK, I want that you can see only your kills, and the target (another player) is destructible.
  4. Paulus141

    Counting killed players

    That is more than enough, thank you for description. ? But I dont know the script, that will recognize death by the player.
  5. Paulus141

    Counting killed players

    Hi, I created a simple PvP shooter game, but there is still one thing I want to implenemt: Have anybody any idea, how to show to player, how many kills he/she has? It would include some custom hud... Thanks for any opinion.
  6. Paulus141

    How to set hitpoints for players?

    Yes, that is what I wanted to set. I did not use "ON PLAYER SPAWN", but "ON GAME START" and didnt move the "player" variable to SET HP Entity .... novice... Děkuji za ponaučení. ?
  7. Paulus141

    How to set hitpoints for players?

    Hello, I need some advice on how to set up players hitPoints at the beginning of game. I know that there is a possibility to set different hitpoints to NPC, via "SET HIT POINTS ENTITY" . But this only works on NPC humans and animals.