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    Labyrinth help

    I originally designed a labyrinth for me and a friend to play as a sharegame. Then I realized we couldn't play it as a sharegame, so I uploaded it thinking no one would really see it unless they were looking for it like him. Once we played it through to the end, we went back in the tunnels and played a sort of laser-tag type game since there are propeller packs and guns at the end. We flew around hunting each other in the caves and it was a lot of fun! But when we were fighting the monsters together we hurt each other a lot, which sucks. Adam mentioned that it would be awesome as two separate games and I agree! One as a dungeon crawl and the other as laser tag. I wish I knew how to design it for more people...I used the editor to design more of a game inside of a world instead of just build my own world. I used crystals and glow mushrooms to light up the caves, and now I wish I had set them so people wouldn't accidentally or intentionally pick them. Since it's more of a game inside of a game, there needs to be some sort of way for people to get the armor and weapons out of the beginning chests if they join the game late. Or if people could just enter the game wearing clothes and having a weapon already, that would probably be ideal. I designed it around two people at a time, but it could be fun with more if there was some sort of way to play laser tag lol. I also need to remove the weather affects because anyone who joined after he and I did started freezing to death. I don't know how to make it into what I intended it to be...it was the first thing I've built on the game and I had only started playing Ylands the day before I started working on it. I don't even know how to edit the world after I've uploaded it...I would love to make it more fun for everyone if I could just figure out how.