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  1. ChiefPhenom

    Ideas please consider these ;)

    Thank you that’s great to know! Ylands is for sure one of my favorite games by far 😁
  2. Suggestion: There should be way more enemies and animals. For example: Skeletons, skeletons enemy ships, pirates, pirate enemy ships, Vikings, Viking enemy ships, more fish and animals in the ocean, The Kraken, cyclops, werewolf, unicorns, and much more.... for animals some examples are: moose, snakes, seals, bats, more of a variety of birds, wooly mammoths, Elephant, Dinosaurs, monkeys, gorillas, zebras, panda, giraffe, rhino, koalas, and a lot more... It would be really nice if mountains were bigger and taller. And towns with npc’s that are interact able: these towns would have merchants, farmers, an inn, a bar, other small stores... which is where coyns can be used, etc.. and last but not least, mine-shafts, Temples, more secret areas to uncover with booby traps, puzzles and hidden items and secrets in these places for players to find, like armour, treasure, weapons, potions, etc.... I know this is a lot but I feel that if you incorporated most of this into Ylands than Ylands would get far more attention and would be a lot more diverse and fun to play in my opinion thanks for listening please consider these ideas.