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    is it possible, that some random generated maps does not include all the resources? On a map i played with my friend no one of us found zirkonium. And are the resources limited or will they respawn sometimes? perhaps you can check this.
  2. Sebbl220790

    Mobs and Enymies

    is it possible that mobs and enymies does not respawn? so meat is limited? perhaps it should be changed.
  3. Sebbl220790

    Ylandium/Ylandium dust

    it is sad, that the mobs during the night could be rotten out. on the island i built my base does not spawn anyone of them anymore and another island also dont spawn them anymore. so ylandium/ylandium dust ist limited? i think that should be changed.
  4. Sebbl220790

    duplicate keys

    i dont know how to duplicate a key, has anybody got a solution?