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  1. kodedo

    How to Unlock the Tower Metal Spheres?

    Hi, thanks for the answer, it helps me too. Tutuapp
  2. kodedo

    I lost my inventory

    Hi, did you manage to resolve the problem ? Mini Militia App Lock
  3. kodedo

    Frostpunk - Winter survival at its finest!

    This game is amazing! Crazy scenario combining intrigue and the stress of losing. The content is complete, the band is really nice. In my opinion, all that's missing is a multiplayer / cooperation mode.
  4. kodedo

    Medieval Engineers

    I also find it a shame that the game is abandoned
  5. kodedo

    More customisable skills

    Hi, I hope we get it soon.
  6. kodedo

    [Tutorial] Data Sets

    Hi, great tutorial thank you for sharing.
  7. kodedo

    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    We're facing a second wave and it's worse Mini Militia App Loc
  8. kodedo

    What other games do you play?

    Hi, at the moment i'm struggling to find a good game.