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    This community has fallen

    I've gotten the game during 2017 when it first came out with a buddy, and we've had constant fun (though it was buggy, still fun since it was brand new) but recently we've revisited and it almost feels like exploration hasn't even been a focus, and as you mention they're much more worried about the editor rather than the exploration which more people are going to want to play. I mean trying the game again this week when the new exploration update came out, there's just a lot of bugs like not being able to eat, pick up things, etc.. and now there's been a hotfix planned on Thursday rather than today OR tomorrow by the latest which in my opinion kind of shows pretty poor decision making, as not being able to eat is pretty game breaking and doesn't allow you to progress because you're having to die constantly and respawn. I'm not trying to be mean but like it's no real wonder why it's been stuck for 3 years and hasn't gotten where it needs to be, there should definitely be better decision making like releasing a hotfix early so that players aren't leaving your game because they simply can't play it.