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  1. Melkmeghardt

    Need some help.

    I found the samurai encounter in a tier two island, but yet to find what im actually looking for x) keep finding the elven bow and the staff x) but no armour x)
  2. Melkmeghardt

    Need some help.

    So, i recently startet the new exploration, been playing for quite a while now, and i cant for the life of me find any elven armour. Ive only been able to find the elven health regain staff and the bow. Im building a kind of elven base build and so in my barrier, so that armour would fit in really really good. So by now ive put in about 10-15 hours for some days now in search of the armour, been exploring the tier 3 islands, keep deleting the islands to find some new generated ones, havent found any elven stuff in other regions than the far east, so after all of this, how and where am i getting the elven armour? x) i really like finding stuff out on my own, but damn, im starting to loose hope in finding it x) thanks in advanced.
  3. Melkmeghardt

    Need some help.

    Yeh i have been looking, mostly i find the planes and the beast runes ecounters on tier 2 islands, but maybe ill give them some more tries x) thanks alot for the answer! ^^