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  1. JudeDaDude

    Cannons and Catapults

    Ok so there are 2 things I have noticed one of them is that in the experimental version of the update there is a new cannon system where you have to exit the cannon to load it. This is fine but I noticed that now the only things you can load are cannonballs and rusty cannonballs while before you could load and shoot anything you want. This kind of takes away from the creativity of the game, you know? Another concern I have is that catapults have been taken out I don't know which update but my question is WHY? Could you add back catapults and allow us to shoot anything from cannons in the new update, or at least explain why you made those changes.
  2. JudeDaDude

    Dev Diary #217 Sea Experiments

    Hi I tested it and I think it would be really cool if we could use the harpoon underwater to fight back against sharks and sawfish it seems right now you can only use it on land. These are just my opinions though. Thanks!
  3. JudeDaDude

    Dev Diary #169 Come talk to us

    I am very exited and I hope this game gets more popular!
  4. JudeDaDude


    Ok Thanks!
  5. JudeDaDude


    You guys really should add an in-game tutorial. I mean it would make the game WAY more popular a lot of people have no idea what to do or what this game is. I personally love this game but want it to be way more popular. Hope to see your reply!
  6. So I wanted to restart my game in experimental exploration and I was not able to click delete output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt