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    Energy links

    Please, can the energy links be invisible?
  2. pavelm


    Hi, i love playing this game and enjoy exploring and discovering. The game has really improved over time and is fun. I have some suggestions for improvements: water physics please. It would be great to see an already explored map without the player having to be on a ship and sailing there every time. There are many types of food, I would like to see more benefits from each different food so the player has to think more about what they eat. The game is a lot about the weather, I would have liked more clothing and weather effects on the players. the possibility to read currently active statuses, defenses, etc., some statistics for example in the inventory next to clothes. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy some of the designs.
  3. pavelm

    Water physics

    Hi, will water physics be enabled again in the future? I love this game but I'm sad that the water won't fill a dug pit. It's a game with islands, water is an important part.