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  1. 3 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    @ocnoglittle I remember when you used the code to generate that image. (And I remember when it broke the server LOL)  I have resisted for a while to learn any scripting aspects of the game.....but after seeing some of @movefish's images above. (those are fantastic by the way movefish!!!) I think it's time to stop fighting the urge to resist learning this aspect of editor. If you get a free moment, I'd like to learn the basics. Any links and tutorials you can send me in discord would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

    Gonna go see if I can learn anything about this from Naru's videos....I have a feeling I will be rewinding a lot to catch everything he says.

    You know me, I mainly like to build things in editor, but I think if I learn this aspect of editor that I have been resisting it may help improve my building skills, and maybe help me discover different ways of doing things.

    it is like import model! you need the model first

  2. 9 hours ago, ocnoglittle said:

    yes, I explained how to get them out of "play mode" ?

    sorry,i can't to get them out of "play model"

    when i Publish the game locally, then play it so it generates the entities, then i can't open the played game in editor!I can't find it!just open editor game!can u tell me how to using with image?

  3. 21 hours ago, bobo198312 said:



    22 hours ago, ocnoglittle said:

    Those look like they will break the game. I tried to do this: 



    And it broke the server ?


    Smaller things can be shared as compositions. See this post for details:


    Publish the game locally, then play it so it generates the entities, then open that played game in Editor so you can work with the placed entities.

    ... unless this bug still exists:


    This is only the first step, generation. The next step is to transform the generated entity into a component. Now you can only see the generated entities in play mode, a bit like blueprints, Lego style blueprints. Generation is nothing special, the right shape, the right position, the right color, this is a good-looking component

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