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  1. Hello everyone, the "Five Elements Island" has been submitted. In the follow-up improvement content, I have some new ideas. The game retains the gameplay of the five elements collection, and the terrain and scene will change drastically. The content includes not limited to the following. New island: The shape of the island refers to the pattern of Tai Chi. Tai Chi: The so-called Tai Chi is to clarify the process of the universe from infinite to Tai Chi to the transformation of all things. Among them, Tai Chi is the state before the heaven and the earth are not opened, and the chaos is not divided between yin and yang. The text of the Book of Changes: "Therefore, there is Tai Chi in Yi, and it is the birth of two rites." The two instruments of Tai Chi are the two instruments of yin and yang. In the figure below, a curve divides the circle into two halves, forming half white and half black. The white is like yang, the black is like yin, there is a black dot in the white, and a white dot in the black, which means that there is yang in the yang. Yin, there is yang in yin. The two separated halves resemble two fishes, so they are commonly called yin and yang fish. Make two islands with reference to the black and white areas on both sides. Although white represents the sun and black represents the yin, I want the white part to be an island covered with heavy snow, and the black part to be an island that was burned to ashes by the fire. The blue curve in the middle represents the strait. The black dot in the middle of the white area makes a volcano. The white dot in the middle of the black area makes an island lake. I saw a volcano in the snow and a land of ashes and found a lake, I believe players will like it. If the player jumps into the snow-covered volcanic crater, he will be teleported to the vicinity of the lake on the island. In the same way, if the player dives into the bottom of the lake on the island, he will be teleported to the vicinity of the crater. In this way, it can be quickly transferred between the two islands, with a unique feeling. There is a strait between the black and white islands, and there are many bridges (a few stone bridges and wooden bridges, most of which are rope bridges) connecting the two islands. There will also be rope bridges between the rock caves on both sides of the island strait. . Five elements: After the player enters the island, they will randomly get an attribute in the five elements. This attribute can be modified by finding npc on the island. Non-attribute energy balls will be randomly generated on the two islands, and the player will be converted into the five elements of their own attributes when they approach the energy ball. If the light ball is triggered and there are multiple players in a certain range nearby, these players will also receive energy. When the attributes of the players belong to each other, the energy of the light spheres obtained by each other will increase. In the same way, if the player's attributes are mutually restrained, the energy gained will also be reduced. Players who have accumulated a certain amount of energy can go to the NPCs near the lakes and volcanoes on the island to exchange for element keys. When the player seeks out the element master to modify the attributes, all energy will be emptied. If the player has a lot of energy that has not been redeemed, it is recommended that he go to npc and redeem it into elemental keys. I hope this Taiji Island is free of disputes and battles. No creatures that can fight will be added to the island. All players will feel cordial when they see strangers. They take the initiative to approach and share communication attributes and adventures. Explore and discover together on the island. Element key: Collect five element keys to exchange for Tai Chi Fish. Tai Chi fish can increase the player's attributes. Different proportions of keys can also be exchanged for more equipment. There will be 25 different combinations of the five elements. And different numbers of elements can have more combinations (infinite), which will attract players to try this exploration area map multiple times and improve the playability of the game.
  2. The game has already been submitted, please check it.
  3. The current gameplay of this game is only to obtain five different element keys, which can be used to exchange the island's characteristic element weapons (random elements). 本游戏目前的玩法只制作了获取五把不同的元素钥匙,使用这些钥匙可以兑换本岛屿特色元素武器(随机元素)。
  4. Wu in this game is different from witches and wizards. 本游戏中的巫和巫女、巫师不同。 ———————————————————————————————— After Pangu opened the hea[Remove]vens and the earth, he transformed his [Remove]body into spiritual energy, fixed the ground, water, fire and wind, its essence and blood scattered between the hea[Remove]ven and the earth, and its primordial spirit wandered in the universe. 盘古开天辟地之后,化肉身为灵气,定地水火风,其精血散于天地之间,其元神游荡于宇宙之中。 Some blood is gathered in one place, and some blood is scattered in all directions. Those who gather, absorb the aura of hea[Remove]ven and earth, absorb the essence of the universe, and gradually evolve into the twelve Zu Wu. 有的精血聚在一处,有的精血散于四方。其聚者,吸天地之灵气,纳宇宙之精华,渐渐演化为十二祖巫。 At the beginning of the twelve Zu Wu spiritual wisdom, the sense of existence can know the cause and effect, so Pangu was regarded as Wu Zu. 十二祖巫灵智初开,知觉具备便知前因后果,遂奉盘古为巫祖。 Those who gather the essence and blood ha[Remove]ve the surplus, which is the great Wu. 精血聚者有余者,为大巫 Among the great Wu, those who had more Pangu essence and blood and were born in the Primordial Predecessor were called the Primordial Great Wu. 大巫之中,得盘古精血较多且生于太古洪荒者,曰太古大巫。
  5. The Five Elements Theory is the basic way for ancient Chinese to understand the world. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, geomancy, numerology, physiognomy and divination. The origin of the five elements is the ancient times "all things have wisdom", totem concept and ancestor worship. Confucius’ thoughts on the five elements are found in the chapter "Rituals", which records the way Confucius teaches rituals to Ziyou. The meaning of the five elements encompasses five basic dynamics in the evolution of Yin and Yang: gold (representing agglomeration), wood (representing growth), water (representing infiltration), fire (representing destruction), and earth (representing fusion). Ancient Chinese philosophers used the theory of the Five Elements to explain the formation of everything in the world and their interrelationships. It emphasizes the whole and aims to describe the movement form and transformation relationship of things. Yin and Yang is the ancient theory of the unity of opposites, and the five elements are the primitive system theory. 五行学说是中国古人认识世界的基本方式,广泛用于中医、堪舆、命理、相术和占卜等方面。五行的源头是上古时代“万物有灵”、图腾观念和祖先崇拜。孔子的五行思想见于《礼运》篇,其中记载了孔子向子游传授礼的运转之道。五行的意义包涵借着阴阳演变过程的五种基本动态:金(代表敛聚)、木(代表生长)、水(代表浸润)、火(代表破灭)、土(代表融合)。中国古代哲学家用五行理论来说明世界万物的形成及其相互关系。它强调整体,旨在描述事物的运动形式以及转化关系。阴阳是古代的对立统一学说,五行是原始的系统论。
  6. Wood Spirit and Wood Spirit Puppet 木灵与 木灵 傀儡
  7. In the vast sea, there is an island full of elemental power, and each element has given birth to different elemental creatures. 在茫茫大海之中,有一处充满元素之力的岛屿,各元素也孕育出了不同的元素生物。 The oriental Wu Zu(Characters in Eastern Mythology) Tribe ha[remove]ve studied the mystery of the five elements for generations. When the island was discovered, some Wu Zu Tribe also moved here. 东方巫族世代穷究五行的奥秘,在此岛被发现时,一部分巫族也迁入此地。 Adventurers are welcome to come here to explore and challenge, and experience the mysteries of the Five Elements of the East. 欢迎诸位冒险者来到此地探索及挑战,体验东方五行的奥秘。