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  1. tonedeaf

    ship and items

    1 can you destroy a ship and keep the material. 2 can you destroy items,eg, cabinets, boxes etc and keep material?
  2. tonedeaf

    animal movement

    Is it possible to move an animal from one island to another island within a map. i have an island next to mine where I made friends with a horse. I swam him to my island and put him in an enclosure. I have tried many times, but when I restart the game the animal is gone.
  3. tonedeaf

    animal movement

    Its my friends share game. I was on the game alone when I tried all the above.
  4. tonedeaf

    animal movement

    I am playing exploration DLC in a share game with one other who also is playing exploration DLC, so I dont know why they the animals dont stay.
  5. tonedeaf

    animal movement

    I have done that and put them in a pen, but when I leave the game and start again the animal is back on his original island. I have tried to summon the horse and also swim the horse over to my island, but still get the same result. I want to try and breed them on my island, is this option not available?
  6. tonedeaf


    Does anyone know what to do with the blue cubes that you come across. Its a blue cube, with a cube inside with electricity insides
  7. I love the new update, but when I enter a new map it is blank, there used to be numbers showing the island levels, they are no longer there. My sister who plays in my multiplayer game can still see them, but I cant.
  8. tonedeaf

    Island numbers not showing

    Thank you for you quick reply, and its ok, I just wanted to make sure it is the normal now. Thank you
  9. tonedeaf

    Maybe Later

    Why is there a sign above my head saying "Maybe Later" ?
  10. tonedeaf

    Maybe Later

    only just started to happen,whilst playing the game , there is always a sign above my head saying "Maybe Later"
  11. hi Nikki, thank you for all your help, it cleared up a lot of things. I think i finally have some of it working. I started a new game as single player saved it and then made it a share game. then when i enter a single player map, I make it multiplayer with password. H Has been working fine . It now shows up in my "play with friends" list. we have been playing for a while now on different maps and the only issue that we have now is(i am the host) , the other person cant get on the game if im not on it. It is a sharegame with a password. Everything works fine now but the other person cant play when Im not online. which to my limited understanding, she should be able too. Thanks again for your help