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  1. While it has been a while for me playing Ylands, when I opened the game back up (at first stored on an external hard drive) it was very laggy and choppy. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it on the computer. However, the lag persisted, though getting just a smidge bit better with each exit and reentry. I did also lower my graphics, it never fully eradicated the lag. When trying to open the menu for a blue print table, that's when I noticed the right-click feature wouldn't work. We (I was co-oping with a friend) tried everything we could think, re-logging, settings adjustments, etc. to no avail. I soon noticed I could no longer pick as well from the ground. While I could pick berries from a bush, I couldn't pick up dropped items. I even went to an old legacy game and tried the right click of my mouse, able to sit and control my boat, but then unable to release controls to stand. I thought it may have been my connection with the lag, but I see that it's far more than that. Any advice would be well appreciated.