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  1. The map my home is on I share with my brother. We both cant even get onto some of the islands on our map at all. Even sailing near the islands everything freezes. On our island we freeze up a lot. The area size on our map seems to have shrunk.. We have lost our home island and everything we have 5 times already on different maps but same Bione. Can this be fixed. We have stopped playing a few times as we keep losing everything. As for animals we can bring them from other maps and Biones but when we log out or go to another map they disappear. We have tried all suggestions and someone said it seems like we have a bug on our map. Can this be fixed.
  2. purple_unicorn99

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    Thankyou Nikki, we both really love playing this game and want to continue. It really is an awesome game so I hope we can sort out our problems.
  3. purple_unicorn99

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    Hi Nikki, neither of us can find those files on our computers to send you. We are going to stop playing it, at least for now because we just cant play multiplayer we keep losing everything. But thankyou for your reply. We hope to try to sort it out one day and start playing again. Thankyou
  4. purple_unicorn99

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    Hi Nikki My Brother is the one that has been talking to Spirt Chaser and contacted you a while ago. Spiritchaser 28 has been very helpful but we are still having major problems and it doesn't seem like it can ever be fixed. We fix one problem and get multiped others. My brother is called "Tonedeaf". I will get him to send through what you need as I have no idea how to do it. Thankyou for replying.
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    Yes we both have DLC.
  6. purple_unicorn99

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    Thankyou, we have emailed her and she doesn't help. Thankyou for replying.
  7. purple_unicorn99

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    Hi, Im player the game with my brother. He is the host
  8. purple_unicorn99

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    Hi I play multiplayer with one person only and he is the host. I cant play when he isn't on line and when he logs off before me, I get throw out and cant get back on until he is there. We have tried so many times to get this game working and lost everything including own home an island so many times. I used to be able to log in at one stage but not now. All the maps we have had have never shown up in my share games. Can anyone help?