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  1. Okay so, i need to be able to buy the DLC for a friend, and its not avaliable on steam store anymore. How can i buy to a friend the DLC? And why its not on Steam store anymore? I dont see any problem to let it on store for sale. If the player cant buy it, will he stay playing alone forever, at least until he cant buy it by himself? link for the page on steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1179720/Ylands_Exploration_Pack/?curator_clanid=4777282&utm_source=SteamDB
  2. SPY Neotom

    Building any vehicle - How to undo

    Damm. So i have to "create an automatic hammer hit on the ship and stay exploring game until it stay hitting the boat" lol
  3. SPY Neotom

    Building any vehicle - How to undo

    are you sure about that ? (summoned meme) lol I will try to get it but seems its only avaliable at sandbox.. how can i get it ? Is it craftable ?
  4. SPY Neotom

    Building any vehicle - How to undo

    destroy them takes forever lol.. also the modded gun or something, that its caled destroyer or something u can get on sandbox mode, should be able to do that, but it doesnt
  5. Hi. I am a bit old player of Ylands but i am just now really playing it more with friends. I have a question: When giving up by build a vehicle, how can i "undo" it? Like, when placeing the 1st part of any vehicle, like a boat. The initial part stay there on a "stand" and i cannot remove it and dont know how to. All other parts are okay. I removed them and worked fine. But the initial deck isnt going to be removed. How can i do it ? May i have to grab al lthe necessary items / resources to build another ship and use "right click" to remove it?