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  1. steam-76561198099811880

    Principle of aggregation logic

    I want to use aggregation logic to implement some copy map playing methods, add a main map to let 30 players join, and then divide the players into different small copies, so that the number of players can be controlled when managing small copies, and it can also avoid the performance degradation of the map caused by too many things on a map. What are the tutorials you can refer to, I have seen the official explanation of the use of aggregation, but I feel that the detailed principle of the operation of aggregation logic is still unclear. Can you help me?
  2. steam-76561198099811880

    Scale of blocks

    The current entity cannot be scaled. When can I scale the entity,If the entity can be scaled, there will be a qualitative leap in building the model
  3. steam-76561198099811880

    Use weapons when riding a horse

    I want to use the editor to make a game similar to horse riding and killing, but it can't be realized now. When would you consider adding the setting of weapons that can be used after horse riding?
  4. steam-76561198099811880

    When to consider making players and NPCs a team

  5. steam-76561198099811880

    Dev Diary #246 Listen, Playlands, we need to talk

    When can we focus on improving the editor's ability? At present, I feel that there are still many things I can't do. For example, the team logic is not very useful in the actual application of the game. Do you consider resetting or improving such functions
  6. steam-76561198099811880

    Dev Diary #246 Listen, Playlands, we need to talk

    Why can't we seize the opportunity to build a game platform similar to ROBLOX?
  7. steam-76561198099811880

    The problem of map switching between collections

    The role of the current game collection is only to transfer the players of the original map to the new map, right? If only the players of the new map can return to the original map at will, has the developer team considered strengthening this function? Because it is really difficult to make a copy of the game collection, and the current situation is somewhat awkward
  8. steam-76561198099811880

    The problem of map switching between collections

    Both games are server multiplayer games, and I have set up two server maps in a game collection. The original map can take effect when it enters a new map. However, when I want to transfer the new map back to the original map, it seems that it does not work. Is it because my process is still kept in the original map? There are other unknown reasons that make it impossible for me to return to the original map. I just want to allow the maps in the two game collections to switch freely. However, at present, it seems that there is no problem for me to enter the new map from the original map,But when the new map returns to the original map, there is no response
  9. steam-76561198099811880

    The problem of map switching between collections

  10. steam-76561198099811880

    AI Mount

    Hello, dear development team. I'm a developer of ylands editor. When I use the editor, I find a lot of content that I think needs to be improved, so I'm here to give you feedback 1. Team logic In the process of making the game, I found that the team logic is not easy to use. First, if the team logic is used, players will be given priority to select the team when entering the game, which is obviously unreasonable. When players do not enter the game, they do not know which team they should choose. If this setting is changed to the mode of selecting the team after entering the game or cancelled before entering the game, I feel it is more reasonable, And now the team tag is also very inconvenient to use. If the players of the same team should have the same logo or the same name, color and other settings 2. Mount problem I found that players cannot interact and use weapons when using mounts. This situation is obviously very unreasonable. If they can use weapons or interact when sitting on mounts, it can make the game more fun and more real. If the development team can carefully consider my suggestions and can use weapons when sitting on mounts, I will be very grateful and grateful. Obviously, this design is also very reasonable 3.AI At present, AI can be used fairly well, but a big problem is that monsters or other animals using AI cannot identify teams, nor can they attack people or animals other than players. If AI can attack other monsters or NPCs, the scope of games that can be made will be greatly increased, and there will be many types of games that can be made. Similarly, players can turn NPCs into their own soldiers, Summon soldiers to attack other players, NPCs or animals, but from the current AI point of view, such a game cannot be designed, because entities with AI can't attack other entities and can't identify different teams. These three points are some functions that I especially want the ylands team to add when using the ylands editor, because with these functions, the scope of playing games will become much larger, and it can also make me smoother and happier when making games. I think this design will be more reasonable. I hope the development team can help the development of the game after seeing my opinions, Thank the ylands team for bringing us such a good editor. Thank you.
  11. steam-76561198099811880


    你好,尊敬的开发团队,我是一名Ylands编辑器开发者,我在使用编辑器的时候发现很多我觉得需要完善的内容,所以特意来这里向你们反馈问题 1.队伍逻辑 我在制作游戏的过程中,我发现队伍这个逻辑并不好用,首先如果使用了队伍逻辑以后,进入游戏时会让玩家优先选择队伍,这样显然很不合理,玩家没有进入游戏时 是不知道他该选择哪个队伍的,如果把这个设置改成进入游戏后 或者取消这个进入游戏之前选择队伍的模式我感觉更合理,而且现在队伍标签使用起来也很不方便,如果同一队伍的玩家是不是应该有同样的标识或者同样的名字颜色之类的设置 2.坐骑问题 我发现玩家使用坐骑时是无法进行交互和使用武器的,这样的状况显然非常的不合理,如果坐坐骑的时候能够使用武器或者交互,这样能使游戏变得更有乐趣也更真实,如果开发团队能够仔细思考我的建议,可以在坐坐骑时可以使用武器,那我会非常的感激,感谢,显然这样设计也是非常的合理 3.AI 现在AI使用起来还算可以,但是有一个很大的问题是,应用AI的怪物或者其他动物,无法进行队伍的识别,也无法攻击除玩家以外的人或动物,如果AI可以攻击其他怪物或者NPC,能制作游戏的范畴将大大增加,能制作的游戏类型也会变得很多,类似玩家可以把NPC变成自己的士兵,召唤士兵来攻击其他的玩家或者NPC或者动物,但是就目前的AI来看得话这样的游戏是设计不了的,因为应用了AI的实体是没有办法攻击其他实体,也识别不了不同的队伍。 这3点是我使用Ylands编辑器时特别想要Ylands团队能够增加的一些功能,因为有了这些功能,能做游戏的范畴会变得大得多,也可以让我在制作游戏的时候更加的顺畅和快乐,我想这样的设计也会更合理一些,希望开发团队看到我的意见后能够对游戏的发展有所帮助,感谢Ylands 团队给我们玩家带来这么好的编辑器,谢谢。