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  1. Can YLands allow me to do these three things?... 1. As a developer, can I make my own crafting recipes out of the gatherable entities? (i.e. pick 5 Flax Plants, 5 Cave Mushrooms, and 1 Blue Quartz Crystal to craft 1 Health Potion) 2. Can I set 4 potential spawn locations on the map where Flax Plants (for example) will randomly spawn in 2 of the 4 locations, while the other 2 spawn locations remain empty, and furthermore, when you pick 1 Flax Plant, it disappears and then respawns randomly at one of the other empty locations so that there are always 2 random locations WITH Flax Plants and 2 without? Can you do the same with Enemy Actors? 3. Can I set an armor/weapon durability bar that reduces the strength of the equipped armor/weapon slowly over time (or slowly upon damage) that requires crafted "repair kits" to increase the durability back to full? Thanks!
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    Can YLands allow me to do these three things?

    Thanks so much!