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  1. It sounds like you and your friend are experiencing some confusion with the new regional system in the game. While the game has undergone some significant changes since its beta release, there are still ways for you and your friend to play together. First, it's important to understand that each region is its own separate save file. This means that if you want to explore a new region, you'll need to create a new save file specifically for that region. However, you don't necessarily need to delete your previous save file. You can simply switch between save files depending on which region you want to play in.
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    help i kicked my friend off my island

    Hello, If you have accidentally expelled your friend from your island in a game and they are unable to join back, it might be due to a temporary ban. The duration of the ban depends on the game's policies, and it's best to check with the game's support team for more information. In the meantime, you could try restarting the game or your device to see if it resolves the issue. I hope this helps you.