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    2.0.5 Patch Changelog

    The bane of my exisistance.
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    Dev Diary #279 Help Us Craft the Crafting

    Sort crafting list by items "available to craft" or "Include recipe with missing ingredients" Having chests linked to the workstations is a must either by local range or manually assigning a specific chest to link to a specific station. Having a more specific way of unlocking recipes for example buying recipes from traders or even using coyns or exploration points; Possibly even a branching system for example acquire so much iron to unlock all the iron stage recipes or collect so many engineering components to unlock further electrical recipes or a way to research aditional recipes through in game artifacts or other ingame aspects. Having items list what they break down into would help even if you have to first break the item before you know what it breaks down into. Smelting tools/weapons or other metal items would make more sense than breaking them down into lesser components too for example breaking steel down into metal pieces doesn't make sense. Having a way to break all would ease a lot of grind for players too I have had it several times where i just want to break a stack or worse when items don't stack and I want to break them into components to recycle them and have to click several times to break each one.
  3. DarkoTHC

    Exploration DLC Redeem Code

    This has now been resolved due to a follow up email.
  4. I recently recieved an exploration giftcode via email that seems to have bugged I can provide all information nessacary to prove and remedy this situation I'm unsure if that will need to be provided here or also via email due to the nature ofo the support needed.