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    Ore find troubles

    That is exactly what happened to me few days ago. Thanks for detailed explain !!!
  2. __Iman__

    Ore find troubles

    Hi! Greetings from Spain. First, i'm sorry about my english language level. Recently I was back on Ylands adventure once again. I don't play for years and I can´t remember a lot of things, game mechanics, ... but the most important trouble I found in those days is find ores. I remember some mining days and I'm pretty sure I could do mining ( AND FIND!!! ) ores when I was mining on the ground like "Minecraft" style. An example is coal, or iron. I'm pretty sure I was do it when I was playing in latest versions of Ylands, but... I try mining that way in caves for copper now and... nothing. Nothing more than stones, soil, sand... in hours of playgame. Exploring I found betther tools, armors, ... but I would like do mining for resources and start with my house or base building. It's possible find ores enough to do that with mining or not actually? Thank you for one of my favorites game of all my life !!!
  3. __Iman__

    Ore find troubles

    Under the cave floor? or you want said me about the "little rocks" that sometimes apears in caves? I found that "resources rocks" in caves actually. copper, clay, and some iron. But you can only collect a small cuantity of resources with them, isn't it?