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    Hello, Good Morning Recently I was playing Yland with my boyfriend, and he got me a white unicorn. so me and my boyfriend went back to our house at the tropical island and he gave me the tame and let the unicorn go. and i tamed the unicorn but my boyfriend told me that he's gonna restart his game. so after I tamed the unicorn and made it mine i even gave it a name! it was moonlight. so long after, my boyfriend came back to the game (this was his server) and when I joined his game my unicorn was gone, I didn't have it in my List. I still have the taming, but not the unicorn. Is this some sort of bug? please help, and also I was playing with my boyfriend, and I died. so I lost my stuff right? and then i came to my chest to claim my stuff, when I received it the next 3 seconds my boyfriend wanted to restart his yland, so he did. and what happened is my stuff is gone, everything that was in the chest that i died in was gone. keep in mind I already claimed the chest, so when i went to look back for the chest which I thought I didn't claim, it was gone. please help me with this issue, I miss my unicorn.