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  1. hallie

    My first house

    Very nice! I really like how you have two different roofs
  2. - It would have taken him/her a whole lot of time to destroy all that! - You can... it just takes a loooooot of hits... 120 hits per stone block with a war axe to be exact (and yes, I counted To see if there was a difference between the iron axe and the war axe - and there is... 30 hits IIRC )
  3. hallie

    What is that song?

    Are you talking about this one?
  4. hallie

    using the map

    I absolutely agree with the zooming. It does seem a bit ridiculous to be standing with the map in your hand and then when you look at it you can't see the whole thing... I suppose if others looked at my character at that point, I would just stand with my face completely buried in the map
  5. hallie

    Under water temple

    I would guess that the right answer is 1111? For A: XXII is 22 II is 2 22 / 2 = 11 For B: CC is 200 XCIC is 99 200 - 99 = 101 So A x B = 11 x 101 = 1111 or maybe in roman numerals MCXI?
  6. hallie

    What was your first videogame?

    Oh yes yes... The tape station and Turbo Load (made me feel like such a hacker that I knew that haha ). I also played hours and hours of Boulder Dash on the C64... After that we got an Amiga 500 with floppy disk ... oh, the times of patience and bad gfx
  7. I guess that is what I have been doing with H and mousemovent - that also rotates and flips in all directions Looking forward to see your creations
  8. Oh then it's probably not the same. G gives you the option to move the piece one place to each side with mouse movement on the axis you're on (switch axis with RMB). It's a little sensitive to my mouse movement but once you get a hang of it, it is really really helpful
  9. Not sure about the axe/saw thing - I just know that it's quicker to saw down A tall oak tree yields 16 logs when it's fully grown - no matter the size on your screen (some do look bigger than others, I think that's just random and to give variation). When it is fully grown it is labeled Tall Oak Tree - up until that point it will be called "Young Tall Oak" - so that is how you can see if they're fully grown and ready to give the maximum amount. So far it doesn't matter how close I place them. I haven't tried planting them right on top of each other so I wouldn't know about that, but I've had mine very very close together with no issues at all (except of course all the floating debris from landing in the surrounding trees ). I guess J, K and L do the same thing as I accomplish with G and then changing axis with RMB? And yes, that is a builder's best friend
  10. I also had another weird ship glitch yesterday - and it's probably related to the whole 1st person on ship issue. But I ran my ship aground getting too close to an yland (whooops ) and I jumped into the water to dig out and make a trench to be able to sail on. I went into 1st person to be able to hit the right places (which is almost impossible because you can't see much under water anyways) and it then glitched me right through the ship hull until I was standing on the deck again. This happened several times, trying to get the ship free again
  11. I tried with logs first but they were just too big - and especially the endings of them alongside the roof, I couldn't get to look decent. So instead I went for the poles which gave the same effect when I placed them pretty close together. I did space them out a bit more at first but then it just looked random and weird because they are so thin Thanks for your kind words - and all suggestions are always more than welcome!! Still learning which materials to use for what
  12. You can use the console command "unstuck". Just press Enter and type /unstuck 2 (2 will spawn you on the nearest ground spot). Otherwise you can just type /unstuck and see the options
  13. Yeah it has been a lot of work so far And thanks for your kind words It is just called wooden roof. There are two different types of these triangular roof blocks - one has a little structure and the other is this one with more structure. Maybe you need the saw to make them - not sure... they just popped up in my crafting at some point? I did the terraforming first, yes. Digging with a spade and flattening with a shovel About the deforestation, I have a line of Tall Oak Trees around 2/3 of the base, and whenever I cut one down I make sure to plant a new one so that I always have a supply of wood right next to me, and the Tall trees yield twice as much as the regular ones so that makes it a lot easier
  14. Aight so interior is almost done. Still need a little more stuff for the kitchen but I need to go exploring some more to find that So here's the house from the outside - with some of the surrounding hills. The whole camp is in a small valley completely surrounded by hills on all sides Close up of the entrance More details on the entrance Living room area I had some trouble figuring out how to make the big couch that I wanted. But eventually figured out that if I used log stools for "legs" they would also make it possible to sit down on the couch. The sitting area is made with free placed planks Dining area and kitchen in the back Kitchen - which still needs some touches here and there. Under the kitchen table are sacks - to fill in the space and to use for storage (which you can never get too much of in this game ) Behind the walls is a storage pantry This is still quite empty. I plan on filling up the shelves with things that I find on my future explorations Upstairs is the sleeping area Couch area with fire place (and when I feel like it I will change the back in the fireplace with stone... not too safe with a wooden background there ) Crafting area. Just a little open structure (and yes, with a bed - I've been sleeping there while building the main house )
  15. Thank you so much Interior is still empty... Spent so much time on those damned poles that I needed to take a break Will get back with picture when it's decorated