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  1. Daisy Kowalczykowski

    How to: the Extended Editor

    Can you change time of day in editor?
  2. Daisy Kowalczykowski

    No islands

    started over again, starved again after like e 12 days ingame on the ocean atleast i finally spawned on a tropical island so i'll stay here atleast till i can find clay and make a map
  3. Daisy Kowalczykowski

    No islands

    i will try to spot some birds from up on a hill then, fingers crossed. but once i'm on the water i see no birds flying. ty everyone for the tips
  4. Daisy Kowalczykowski

    No islands

    No i did not have a map made i just stayed on the same course for hours, aproximately. some people on youtube travel for a bit and boom another island, map showing a whole cluster. am i just having bad luck with maps?
  5. Daisy Kowalczykowski

    No islands

    i guess it's not a bug but it is an issue, i've started over twice now after sailing for hours irl, days in-game, and haven't come across any land mass other than the starter island. Perhaps the ocean is too big for the map, or land is too shallow to find islands. i don't know but it's an issue that's taking the fun out of it. People tell me follow the birds, i see no berds, and the land below water has hills but none quite large enough to stick out the water.