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  1. Just a little thing, but it is spoiling the game for me. I am afraid that I have a real problem with the game placing items automatically in my hotbar. How do I remove them and place them back into my inventory. I have tried clicking and dragging them, and also control clicking and dragging, but it isn't working. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
  2. Noompsie

    Auto hotbar item placement

    Sorry I missed your comment. I guess Im a bit OCD. I have to have everything placed in an orderly manner. I hate seeing grass and feathers in the hotbar as it's a place for important items such as weapons. The inventory is the place for everything else.
  3. Noompsie

    Auto hotbar item placement

    yes, I agree with that too
  4. Noompsie

    Auto hotbar item placement

    yeah, thanks for the reply. I know that you can replace an item with something else, but I want to get rid of an item altogether and have a blank spot.