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  1. So, my friends and I started playing this game earlier today for about 3 hours straight. We love the game so far and plan to play more. We decided to just make a couple rafts and explore, just to see what it's like to set out into the open sea and just get a feel for the exploration in the game. We plan on potentially restarting because we clearly weren't supposed to make some rafts and start exploring so early in the game. Anyways, after getting to a new island, looting the new buildings there and trying to find out what everything does, we wondered what would happen if one of us died? Keep in mind that we just started exploring without a map or taking note of the exact direction that we were headed in, so if one of us died and we spawned back on the spawn island, would he be separated from us until we started up on a new world or is there a way to set a spawnpoint. We made some beds, but it says that we can't sleep in multiplayer and we aren't sure if it would set our spawn if we could sleep in them. So back to my main question, can we set spawnpoints in any way? Also, we are trying to play the game with as little outside knowledge as possible in order to get the best experience of being stranded on an island and having to learn how to survive, but we felt like this was a big question that needed to be asked. Thanks!