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  1. RacerX

    Dev Diary #48

    On second thought maybe they do need to focus on education...yours! lol
  2. RacerX

    Dev Diary #48

    I bet they dont. Go into Multiplayer lobby. How many people are playing? You can keep kidding yourself all you want if that makes you feel better. But I posted the facts like it or not. Not my problem anymore. Have fun
  3. RacerX

    Dev Diary #48

    Yep and so would these people. Because education is what is REALLY important right? or maybe this one? All 736 of them
  4. RacerX

    Dev Diary #48

    1: nobody cares about PR crap. What we care about is a functioning game that we payed for 2: annoying Multiplayer issues I've experienced are the ones the Devs should have tested themselves and not leave it up to the paying customers to do
  5. RacerX

    Sneak Peek #53

    laws laws laws, permissions,license.....already ruining the game before it is even finished...Im done with this game and BI
  6. RacerX

    How to: the Extended Editor

    So friend got transferred to a random island upon joining the game and now we cant find him. Is there a way to find him in the editor? A "GO-TO" button or something? He could be anywhere. No way to "go-to" a character in the editor?