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  1. Sounds like this bug is with us from a few years back, still "Known Issue" after all this time!! By post about bug its is a HUGE game play breaking bug but they still don't care to fix it!! Surely there game code must have breakpoints, logging.. traces to see what happen in this situations. These type off bugs let players stop to play... ships are not just free to spawn/place, man must grind to get it. Hope they fix this bug SOON!
  2. Any news on this OLD nasty bug, i see smaller bugs went "Under Review"? Surly it more a game break bug than some off the other smaller ones. or do dev team only look at some users post
  3. Thanks for reply. Thought it was my side... Now i can understand why game struggle to get more players. Rather fix broken code and THEN move on to new stuff/code. So its rather useless to even build harbors.. just park ship in deep sea and pray 😕
  4. Hi there I have an issue when i dock/anchor my ship near a jetty or next to a island. Every time i anchor my ship and i re log it is not on same position. It is if the game move my ship +-1/2 a ship length deeper into the ocean, rather a painful bug if man park close to land/harbor to unload. I tested this with anchor down and up and get same result. The ship is not close to seabed to cause any issues. I also tested it in "Q" ship edit mode and it also move the ship deeper into ocean. Hope info to bug help.
  5. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    And i just notice you drop my reputation just to help kids to -2. Great stuff, you give me more ammo to fight this battle!! Good Going Ales
  6. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    @Ales So you ok with the calling of a swear word "Jesus" So i can also make Tubes now and offend other religions like say bad words off Alla.. and so forth? I thought your company is so into " fine tune this game" to be used in school???? This is what you last say as excuse that it took longer for updates to fall. if this is the case i will for sure get into contact with those schools. The reply you gave here is pathetic... or do you do this "school" marketing just for the money part off it? The word "Jesus" is just as ugly swear word ad "fuck" and other cursed words FOR adults but more for kids. I will monitor now more than ever on the "low grade" tubes. If you used to swear words like F and O God.... and O Jesus.... i am not. And i will not let humans teach KIDS this. We there to help and teach them. The reply you gave on this is maybe the problem the game is hitting the foundations.
  7. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    Mmmm think you don't take in what you read. I am not discussing religion old mate It is Blasphemy and seen in many countries as a swear word. If he use it in front off 100 off kids i will defend it. And if the Dev's "not you as simple user" approve this use off language i will take it to the next level. Waiting there response. I am not a Ylands Dev's fan boy, i defend kids and young players!!
  8. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    So you happy with words like "Jesus" shout out in a tube.. while kids are watching? There must be no need for "users" like you to help content creators.. they must obey by Youtube rules. just saying. I will monitor!
  9. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    I peeked at this Naru's Ylands last Tube.. Nope, i dont approve at this content creator! Ylands is played and watched by many kids. Using the words in his Tube like "Jesus!!!" is not appropriate for kids. The use of that word in vain is not cool. Who know just now he start to use F... and more. No wonder that the official Ylands Tube he hosted had like ONLY 82 hits till today. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCZCWHSRVE0" And please let he get his act together if he do a Tube, Adam could do it closed eyes!! If i see again his content with ugly words, i will report him to Youtube or what media his using! Kids trust believe and learn what they watch.. Sounds that dev team got a shock and eye opener.. and is or look or sound on the correct way NOW! Thanks, this game deserve it! Cheerz Old Ylands Supporter!
  10. Vega3221

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    I love the game, here from the start... but!!!! The game is SINKING FAST like the graph showing us. Even Adam moved on (wont ask why he left). All users here are just in PANIC of what is happening to a old game they played and enjoy. We all just want to help, want answers. For sure i did not buy the game that time as a minigame madness, i don't like mini games I saw Exploration.. sailing and build and crafting. But remarks like this from the lead of the dev team... naah you not important my gamers... i dont have even 10min to talk to you all... This is the attitude that let the game be where its now. Stuff like protection was an issue from the start.. many complaint 24/7 over it but they spend there "important time" on other not so important updates... better ui but players grief each other, disappearing ships.. LOW FPS gameplay. " "Posted Tuesday at 10:02 AM Hi, I just wanted to say that we are still here and listening, but we are currently at a critical 1.6 update stage which takes a lot of time and with Adam gone we can't react/discuss things as much as we would like. However, I plan to talk about this in this Thursday's Dev Diary. " The game is sinking like the Titanic, players upset in chats, here and Steam reviews but they still have the cheek to tell the community.. naah we dont have 5min to type to you we will do it ONLY Thursday. Well its your game and income, think its time to open your eyes and ears... The community is upset... I bought a survival game.. not mini game, not a mobile game.... If you on that route tell me now and i uninstall this "directionless game" from my steam account!!! PST. i dont program in a game i enjoy survival.. why is "scripting update" more important for us explorers. Please listen to >>all<< your player base! Please give Updated Roadmap.. think your "tiny" player base are confused!!
  11. Vega3221

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    Hi there Is there any new NEWS /ETA on this news exploration 1.5 update?? I cant wait that dev's bring back the exploration goodness in this game!! Cheerz Vega
  12. Vega3221

    #BoostYlands Initiative

    Yes. I love the game!! Yeah all EA games have them buggies. Developers do a great job. Great to see that players like Readeagle go the extra mile to help put the game on the map where it must be, thanks Redeagle!! True, more content off this game is 100% needed. I just think that it must be good scripted content, here are so many different parts in this game to promote. In short, my head is not 100% clear tonight "RL" issues.. we all Dev's and players must get this game on the map!!! If one just browse the server list then it shouts "mates, we need help" Cheerz Chat laters.. Ps. Thx Redeagle for walking that mile!! And will join you all soon mates.. pls understand
  13. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #25

    yes, if one search the forum you will find a few times that players with HUGE rigs all complain that the game have huge needs for optimization. Alos a few times i read that the problem start if one start to get a bit bigger and after you travel a few islands. I notice also like other complain that if one look quick to the ocean you also get HUGE stutters.... Somewhere is a huge BUG or mem leak or poor graphic routines. I even tested the game with the lowest graphic settings and you still get the same stutter result, this proofs that there must be hidden optimized code. In all this weird lagg-stuter game play i notice that the pc HHD not even working (must be mem, graphic optimized problem) Like i said early i create a 4th world because the game-play start to degrade so that it is not fun anymore and that one just get more and more crashes how longer one play. If you ask me: - Game have a huge mem leak bug. - It keeps loading all world data over and over again even if one is not in that area of the world. This is because the longer you traveled in world the more laggy the game becomes. - With new started game you enter and logoff very quick the game to your desktop.. but after exploring like 4 islands and build some stuff you get slow logon and very slow logout.. with a few times a total game-crash Again, thanks again for this SUPER fun game. I will play it 24-7 but with game-play degrading how longer one play is not fun. Optimization is of very importance. I think a lot bugs and problems may be fix if the game runs smooth Cheerz Vega
  14. Vega3221

    Dev Diary #25

    The more one do and play the more it start to lagg!! Optimize must be no1 !! I am huge upset now and decided to reply here. After i was on my way back to main island the game started again to lagg.. it was so huge this time that the game went into a crash. When i reload game i was in the could ice sea with a view of my huge ship sailing away for me with days off stuff i collected from like 4-5 islands :\ Try to swim after the ship with no luck!! I re-spawned on a icy island just to freeze to death The game like always play almost lag free.. but after visit a few islands it start to stutter and getting huge laggs. It is like there maybe a memory leak or that the game reloads all island and sea traveled data even if one is not near that area.. Like i say if you start it feels good.. almost lagg free but your trouble start if you build that huge tools and start to travel. It must be memory or graphic related, while getting that huge lag's i monitor hard disc light and there almost zero action... My Pc is not a potato setup so it cant be it low geared for the game. That said... days work is GONE.... fully setup ship with tools and all is sailing into hell :\ Ps. by the way, this world was the 3rd world i started.. the rest all started to lag and became almost unplayable. Thanks for the GREAT game but i think optimization needs 1st priority and not adding new stuff like NPC's.