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    Adding items to chests

    Thanks a lot @colin1963! I'll keep that in mind that I can just pull things from the chest to my inventory to stack them instead. Suppose it could be something the developers could potentially address at a future point. Perhaps even allowing the metal that's smelted down to stack as it's made, could be another thing I suppose.
  2. Tristaris

    Adding items to chests

    I just purchased the game for myself and my girlfriend and what I've played so far I'm... actually very impressed at the game and how soothing it is to me. I absolutely love it. However, I've stumbled across an issue or two that I'd be interested in finding out if there's a way to fix it. When I host a game we are mostly playing together and usually build together and such. I like that we can both use the chests and stuff that we can place. However, when the chest is full, and you attempt to add things that are already in the chest to increase the stack size, when you right click the item to add it, it will not deposit unless there's a free slot inside it. Is there a way to make it do so? Thanks for any helpful responses!