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  1. Rupert Wang

    Water Block

    I realized that water is no longer dig-able. It was fun back then when we can build a pond or have a pool in the house base. I believe maybe its because it is easy to ruin others islands. perhaps it can be added with some restrictions like it can only put down with surrounded block and cannot overflow or higher than the surroundings?
  2. Rupert Wang

    2017 - 2023

    For now I suggest this game to singleplayers, not for multipleplayers. Graphic : 9/10 (It is much better than before, especially the water and the weathers) Music: 9/10 (i really love the theme music, wish there is more for other places) UI: 10/10 (the new quick wheel with ship & animals summoning is perfect) Crafting: 9/10 (auto align, alternate placing are better than other crating games / but we cant play with water anymore,, ) Combat: 7/10 (its simple and clean, nothing fancy but the monsters' movement still kinda stuttering) Multiple Player Experience: 5/10 It is kinda confusing now, compares to 2017 or other survival multiplayer games. It is surprising that people can go to other people's islands and rob them. The password for the server seems unable to prevent from others joining for now. Which I got robbed and 4 days of works are gone. The Dev did reply to my friend and say they can help us to get the stuff back.. not yet though Gathering Resources: 7/10 on the surface For new players its a bit difficult to find ores now. Maybe the indicator of the caves could be more easy and clear on the compass. 6/10 under the ocean Lots of new materials are under the ocean. Diving is cool but it is very difficult to find the materials you want... For example like giant spores, hard shell,,, the amounts of those are kind of not enough. Sometimes I found nothing in the required biomes. Maybe a submarine in the future? I really love the game from 2017 till now, and I came back to give a try it out lots of times to see what have changed but we always faced some frustrations in every come back. We can feel the Devs really work hard and love their game too. The new exploration mode has lots of fun and able to have unlimited resources to grind for now. However, the mechanic of travelling region to region feels not working well with multiple players mode. Overall, to be honest its a great game. I do complained alot after got robbed and ran into a blueprint bug afterwards but Im still playing it. In fact compares to other new crafting games now, Ylands still wins in many ways. This game has a huge potential. If you are have some extra time and you are willing to give feedback to the Devs. This game might be the only one that has minecraft, sea of pirates, roblox and lots of other elements.
  3. Hi, I have played this game with my friend during beta released. We came back because we read its getting better now from the comments. We did love this game before and want to give it another try. However, the multiplayer mode was simple back then, you spawn on an easy land and jus travel to find other resources in one map just like Minecraft. Now the whole map of islands have been separated into different regions, and you need to re-open a new single player save of an island in different regions. Its not making any sense because the rented server you can only have one save file. We tried to enter someone else land and got kicked out and needed to delete their game in order to enter any lands again. It is very confusing now... What is the proper way to travel together now? I have to delete my save on the server and reopen one every time when I need to go to different region with my friend? Is there any specific update blog or instructions that I can read? (Also I sometimes cant select universal mode when I tried to open the multiplayer mode on PC, I have to open via my phone in order to do so for friends who are using phones to play) Thank you.
  4. came back to try it out after 4 years.... smh i cant even get rid of this first task... im literally standing right in the middle of it. am I suppose to interact with anything? other 3 locations check-marked automatically when you stand close to it... cant get it done via phone either...
  5. Rupert Wang

    Let's ask all noob questions here + FAQ

    Are there any ways to sleep in multiplayer game ?