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  1. Ray-Sa

    Map lost after death or kick

    no. It happened when it was run by the dedicated server.
  2. Ray-Sa

    Map lost after death or kick

    It was a dedicated server, rented and called "RaySa und Pat". But since my coins were gone we made it a sharegame now. ?
  3. Ray-Sa

    Map lost after death or kick

    I am talking about the item itself. Not the discovered areas.
  4. Today I had to leave urgently and left my PC with the game being minimized or somewhere in background (maybe that matters). When I came back I was kicked from my server due to inactivity. After logging in again I found myself respawnt at the beach. I ran back to my corps and collected my stuff. Then I found out that I didnt have my map anymore. This is very unfortunate because I was the one with the by far "biggest" map on the server. For testing I created a new map. Its reset. Any advice? Or is there a possibility to reload a save game from like 5hrs ago? or even from yesterday? PS: My horse is gone as well.
  5. Did you try in first person mode? The aimspot seems to be offset in 3rd person. First person digging is also very helpful if you want to remove little leftovers hanging in the air.
  6. Ray-Sa

    Dev Diary #25

    Thx for the update Ales. Your openness and honesty is awesome and appreciated a lot! Nevertheless I don't fully agree with the following: First of all, I am a professional software tester, therefore I have some experience and a good gut feeling in analyzing issues in software. Additionally I am playing online games since more than 20 years and have seen a lot. Yes, there can be thousands of reasons why a host is unreachable and most likely the majority of people seeing this error message have the issue on their side. BUT there are also situations where I am 100% sure the issue is related to Ylands. Unfortunately I did not yet find a reproducible situation. Hints for that: - In some situations restarting the game fixed it. - Sometimes restarting my PC fixed it, BUT everything else was working. All homepages reachable, every game playable, communication tools working, no hiccups, no high memory/cpu/whatever load, etc. - I even had the situation: Connected to server, immediately disconnected, tried to connect again: host unreachable, reconnected, worked. (Yes, could have been a hiccup anywhere, but I know my PC and connection quite well. Its VERY stable.) In the end its a question about robustness of the connection process and here you could improve I guess. Anyways, this is not critical from my point of view since most causes are in the responsibility of the user. Keep up the good work, I love your game. Even though I have a professional allergy against bugs. Greetz, Ray-Sa